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Season 3 of The Walking Dead is over. We have to wait until October until Season 4 airs.

To fill the void, many fans are speculating about The Walking Dead Season 4 spoilers. So I thought it’d be fun if I threw out some nerdy ideas about how I’d like to see the series develop.

My philosophy about the show’s plot development is this: there’s only so long we can watch Rick and his group kill and be killed by walkers. Zombies are awesome, and we all love watching Daryl stealthily take out zombies with his trusty crossbow. But the whole constant fighting for survival thing is fatiguing, for the characters and viewers alike. It never really leads anywhere. And realistically, there’s only so long people could raid abandoned grocery stores before they’d die.

Simply put, after three seasons, the show’s formula is starting to get a little stale. The writers took us away from just zombies vs. humans with the Governor and Woodbury, but now those threats are out of the picture. So where to now?

My ideas below are how I imagine the writers could inject a little excitement into the series.

Bear in mind, I haven’t read the comics. So if any of these ideas appear in the comics, maybe the writers are already planning on taking the show in that direction.

1. Space. The … Zombie Frontier?

Courtesy of cosmobc's flickr

The writers could make a bold move and take the series in a far-out, sci-fi direction. Season 4 might even move to a more exotic locale. Somewhere like space.

We know there is an active space program in the United States and other countries. We know there are guys chilling out on the space station right now. What happened to those guys? Did they make it back to earth in an escape pod? Maybe they brought some awesome, secret technology back with them that can help combat the zombie menace.

Or are they still up there, and Rick and his group can find a way to communicate with them and learn more about what’s going on in the world?

To take it in an even crazier direction, what if there are space programs we don’t know about? A moon base, perhaps. Can Rick and the gang find a way up to space?

The possibilities are endless. And zero-G fights against walkers would be epic.

2. Find the Cure

Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers Cure Walkers. Courtesy of ZaldyImg's flickr

Back at the CDC, we were led by Jenner to believe that there was no realistic hope for a cure.

But is this necessarily the case? Jenner was pretty crazy. Maybe he was hiding something. Or maybe he just didn’t work at it long enough.

Obviously we can’t have walkers brought back to life as humans. They’re dead, so that’s impossible.

A vaccine, however, could help the survivors start rebuilding civilization once again. If people who died stayed dead, it would make establishing a real society a whole lot easier. The characters could focus on creating a safe place to eke out an existence, rather than constantly worry that one of their own might die and try to eat them. Someplace like Woodbury would make a lot more sense with a vaccine.

3. Shiver Me Timbers

Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers Boat. Courtesy of Derek Keats's flickr.

A boat. Yes, a boat.

I know, it’s a zombie-apocalypse cliche. Telltale Games’ rendition of The Walking Dead even included a boat as a major plot point. Of course, the characters in the game never actually made it to the ocean.

Even though it’s an overused trope, I think a boat could be a cool development for Sesaon 4. It would get the survivors out of the drudgery of marching around in the Georgia swamps. It could also give a brief respite from fighting walkers. And most importantly, it would let us see what’s going on in other parts of the world.

How neat would it be if they found an island that was relatively peaceful? Or maybe there are marauding groups of pirates on the high seas, terrorizing any survivors foolish enough to brave the waters.

4. Full-Scale War vs. Zombies

Walking Dead Season 4 Spoiler Nuclear Bomb. Courtesy of CTBTO's flickr.

At some point, humans are going to have to band together and fight the zombies. If they don’t find a cure, go to space, or head out on to the ocean, they’re just going to have to tackle the problem the old-fashioned way: with ingenuity, guns, and explosives.

In Season 3, Andrea tried unsuccessfully to unite the prison and Woodbury. Even though she failed, Rick now has a fairly sizable group under his care. It’s not unrealistic for them to start brainstorming how to defeat the zombies.

Can you imagine if they managed to coordinate with a few dozen other groups of survivors?

Then, all that the different groups would really need are some well-fortified locations with easy escape routes if things turned ugly. They could then lure the zombie in using cows, sirens, or whatever, and then slaughter them en masse. Something kind of like this happened in Max Brooks’ World War Z on a really massive scale.

How hard would it really be to fight the zombies straight-on? They’re not smart at all.

So those are my ideas. Where I definitely don’t want the series to go is “omg the Governor is single-handedly taking on the prison!” or “it was all a dream!” or “the end, everybody dies.” Those would be lame ways to go for sure.

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  1. Daniel on 04/11/2013

    I was surprised how popular the show was in Season 3, which I think paled in comparison to the first 2 seasons. I wasn’t much entertained by the Humans vs. Humans storyline…..I suspect Season 4 will go back to Zombies vs. Humans and I like the possibility of more sci-fi hitting this series.

    • Mike Smith Author on 04/11/2013

      Season 2’s best moments may have been better than Season 3’s best moments. But the long story-line about Sophia really hurt Season 2 IMO.