Wednesday , 17 September 2014

Has Anyone Ever Actually Bought the $50k Samsung 820TSn-2 82 Inch Touch Screen TV?

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These are hard times. Unemployment remains high. Those who can manage to find a job are underpaid. In other words, the Great Recession has generally made life miserable for most people. So who in the hell is buying the $50,000 Samsung 820TSn-2 touch screen TV? Even if you could afford it, such outrageous profligacy might cause a riot.

Does this TV look like it’s worth $50k?


Judging by the hilarious reviews for the 820TSn-2 on Amazon, nobody has seriously ever bought this TV. Here are a few of the highlights from the Amazon reviews:

I sold my house to by this TV. Don’t let anyone fool you, it was worth it. Now all of my friends are jealous when they come to my underpass to watch the game. A+++ would buy again. – Nish

During the holidays I mounted this tv on the roof of my house and showed A Christmas Story on a continuous loop. It worked great – relatives three states away could watch it with no problems – until it rained. Apparently Samsung forgot to waterproof it! What gives, Samsung??? So now I’m out $67,488.01 (thanks for the 20% off Amazon!), and to make matters worse the tv crashed through my roof and crushed the TV in my living room! Still though, great picture while it lasted. Highly recommended for indoor use. -Brian

As you can see from Brian’s review, the price on the Samsung 820TSn-2 has actually dropped over the past couple of years! So there’s hope. In 20 years, maybe you too can afford this wonderful TV.

Other things you could buy for $50,000 on Amazon? About 13 80-inch Sharp LE650 Smart TVs. 166 Xbox 360 250 GB Spring Value Bundles. A lifetime’s supply of toilet paper.

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