PS4 Controller Will Feature Touchscreen (but It Looks Terrible)
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Destuctoid broke the shocking news — complete with compelling pictorial evidence — that the PS4 controller will feature a widescreen touchpad. Here is the photo Destrctoid put up on its site:

PS4 Controller Touchscreen

PS4 Controller Prototype

As you can see in the photo above, the touchscreen had a wide aspect ratio. There’s also some weird, futuristic blue light on the back of the controller, the purpose of which only Sony knows — but for now we’ll just assume it’s for mind control.

According to an update Destructoid posted, “multiple sources” have confirmed that this is an authentic photo. However, the controller in the photo is just a prototype. So the final PS4 controller might not look like the picture we see. Still, a prototype implies that this is a controller that is in the works. So we can expect some kind of built-in touchscreen technology when the PS4 controller is officially unveiled. This certainly answers a lot of the questions we had about the PS4 controller.

It’s easy to believe the photo is authentic. There are many subtle design differences between the controller we see and the current Playstation controllers, so it’s not like a crafty hoaxster could just slap a superficial touchscreen on a current-gen controller and call it a day. The photo doesn’t look photoshopped. Also, as Destructoid points out, the controller is plugged in to what looks like a development kit. So this probably comes from someone who is developing for the PS4.

The controller is certainly ugly. Although not as ugly as some of the speculative touchscreen designs that vgrevolution published. Hopefully Sony will iron out the design details and make a more attractive PS4 controller. It also looks like the design of the dual analog sticks has changed.

The rumored PS4 unveiling rumored to take place next week might definitively show us the final PS4 controller design. Here is a teaser video Sony published hyping the event:

Maybe a patriotic Xbox 720 developer will take his cue from this and leak some hard data about the next Xbox  controller.

Headline photo courtesy of joo0ey.

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  1. STEVE on 02/15/2013

    this looks ridiculous

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