Saturday , 20 September 2014

Pokémon Collectibles – My Office Has Pokémon Pencils

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So the other week I ran out of pencils at my desk and made a run to the nearest office supply closet. To my surprise, I found some Pokémon collectibles. Specifically, I found some Pokémon pencils. Here’s the blue one:

Collectible Pokémon pencil


And here’s a closeup of the blue one:

Blue closeup Pokémon pencil


There’s also an orange one, which is the one I have been using. Here’s a shot of the orange and blue ones together:

Collectible Pokémon pencils

I found several similar pencils available on Amazon (see here) but I can’t quite find the exact ones I found in my office supply closet. The copyright date on the ones in my office is 1996. I wonder if these are old ones that have lain dormant since the mid-1990s?

I’ve only really used the orange one but it seems to be a very good pencil. It doesn’t need a lot of sharpening and the tip never breaks. If you know more about these Pokémon collectibles, I’d love to hear about it!

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