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It’s no secret that Xbox Durango is rumored to require an internet connection in order to play games. This rumor has caused a lot of headaches for Microsoft, including an embarrassing episode that led to the firing of one of its creative directors.

I previously complained that because of these damaging rumors, Microsoft is losing control of the message and may be doomed to fail against the PlayStation 4 during the next-gen console wars. It baffled me that Microsoft didn’t come out and flatly deny the rumors, or at least give us a bit more detail about what it plans to do so that imaginations don’t run wild.

Well, Microsoft may be taking my advice. Recent rumors have surfaced that the next Xbox will not be ‘always on.’ These rumors has appeared in several publications: see here and here for examples.

Bear in mind that these recent rumors that the Xbox 720 won’t require an internet connection fly in the face of everything that we have heard up to this point. So take them with a huge grain of salt.

However, the rumor does raise an intriguing possibility: that Microsoft realized its mistake with the always on requirement and is now backpedaling. Instead of coming straight out and correcting its error—which could be humiliating for the tech giant and may disrupt its plans for the Xbox 720 announcement—Microsoft could be using people within the company to leak favorable information to news outlets.

It’s impossible to tell at this point what is actually the case. We’ll just have to see what happens at the big Xbox 720 reveal event late next month.


Photo courtesy of aditza121.

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