Thursday , 18 September 2014

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Supports Saul Goodman Spin-off Show

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A couple of weeks ago I reported on the possibility that there will be a Breaking Bad spin-off show centered around Walter’s shady lawyer, Saul Goodman. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan had told Entertainment Weekly that he was considering the idea.

Based on what Gilligan told EW, it sounds like the show would be more of a monster-of-the-week affair, in contrast to Breaking Bad’s intricately planned story arc.

I think the show is a great idea. Plenty of fans and commentators, however, think a Breaking Bad spin-off would be a disaster. I understand their objections. Nobody wants to see the legacy of a groundbreaking show like Breaking Bad tarnished by a poorly done spin-off.

But ultimately I think these concerned fans are missing the potential. Sure, a Breaking Bad spin-off will never surpass its source material in terms of artistic merit. But in terms of sheer entertainment value, I don’t think watching Saul plan elaborate criminal schemes would ever get boring.

Apparently Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter on Breaking Bad, agrees. Look what he told Gossip Cop:

I seriously doubt Cranston will have any direct role in a Saul Good spin-off show, unless the show is set before or alongside the events of Breaking Bad. It’s fairly certain Walter will be dead (from cancer, the cops, or rival drug dealers) or in prison by show’s end. Still, Cranston’s support is a great endorsement.


Photo courtesy of AMC.

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